Arthur Wu
I live, draw, and work in New York.
Never wore a hat I didn’t like ツ

00 — I’m co-founder and COO at Sidekick. It's a hardware device that makes remote teams feel like they're working side-by-side.

01 — Before that, I worked in the agriculture technology space at Oishii. I led our GTM strategy, marketing, branding, and major engineering + construction projects.

02 — Before that, I worked at Palantir Technologies, as the product lead for user onboarding, UX personalization, global platform navigation, and frontend application infrastructure.

03 — Before that, I co-founded and led rADical, a creative agency in Charlottesville, VA. Grew the team to 25 people, and it's still kicking today under the leadership of UVa's best.

04 — Born and raised in Richmond, VA to first-generation immigrants. Proud alum of UVa's McIntire program and HackCville.