Spotify Redesign Concept

01 / Project

Human-centered redesign of Spotify. Special focus on UX and strategy alignment. 

02 / Rationale

Music is richly experiential. The way we listen to music is influenced by our friends, our culture, and our memories. We are also now tastemakers of music; through consumption, we find identity. Spotify can finally be the missing link to unlock how we truly listen to music.

03 / Ideal Concept

Spotify should enrich our music listening experience by incorporating more elements of our listening environment. This means developing better user messaging, local artist promotion, and personalized user experiences to location and time.

Feature 01. Redesigning Messaging

Messaging in Spotify currently feels impossible.

Music is deeply social. While we may spend the majority of our time listening to tracks individually, much of our consumption is often driven by the tastes and recommendations that we share together.

Spotify's current app fails to support natural and intuitive messaging. It does not allow users to click and chat without sending a song. Sending a song also requires users to take more than 6 clicks through a very unintuitive route.


Making Messaging More Human

Present familiar messaging UI while preserving Spotify's uniqueness

Spotify users should be develop a natural, intuitive understanding of how to use messaging, Users can easily add new songs in a straight-forward process without having to go to search the song first, expand to see options, select a recipient.

Feature 02. Locally Fresh

Music is geographically and culturally rich.

I'm fortunate to live in a city with a phenomenal music scene. Even though Spotify catches some flak for low or delayed royalty payments to big-time artists, it gives local and on-the-rise musicians the chance to be heard by audiences of millions. Spotify democratizes access to music for both the user and the musician.

To reflect this, Locally Fresh allows users to scan their area to find new music and artists on the scene. 


Feature 03. Temporal Relevance

Music is temporally rich.

Weather, time of day, and location have a huge impact in shaping how we listen to music. Spotify currently fails to make use of the valuable real estate provided by the loading splash page.