In 2015 I started Phenomenon, a generalist blog that produces thought-pieces based on data. These features involve consumer behavior, technology, and the public interest.

Web Design

Phenomenon needed to reflect inquistiveness, novel thinking, and exploration. Through use of consistent typography but differing hero elements for each story, Phenomenon has an elegant and versatile brand.

Optimizing Airbnb

As the world’s second most valuable startup, Airbnb has tremendously disrupted the tourism industry. While the company has yet to reach maturity, the breadth and depth of its data allows us to optimize how we use Airbnb as both guests and hosts. We analyzed all available Airbnb listings data to figure out how to use Airbnb better in Manhattan.

The Global Ebola Hysteria

Ebola has claimed the lives of over 11,000 in West Africa and abroad. While the international community has advocated for the development of a vaccine, we argue otherwise. In the process, we uncover critical issues in the roles of policymakers and the media when dealing with global health crises. We analyzed media coverage, policy decisions, and the epidemiology of Ebola.

Citi Bike's Elusive Harmony

Citi Bike needs to find a way to address its growing rebalancing problem. It recently announced plans to double in size by 2017 by expanding to outer boroughs of New York City. It may have been easier to handle rebalancing within Manhattan for the past few years of operations. Now, Citi Bike must also devise a strategy to combat rebalancing against wider distances, when timeliness and convenience still greatly determine customer satisfaction. We analyzed all Citi Bike trips to pinpoint rebalancing issues within the kiosk network.


We're actively analyzing, designing, and writing for new features on the combined impact of new technologies and human behavior on our society.

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